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The 21st European Congress of PRM in Vilnius was hosting a Scientific Session Poliomyelitis Post-polio syndrome”

We are pleased to inform about “Poliomyelitis Post-polio syndrome” session, which took place at the 21st European Congress of PRM in Vilnius. The meeting took place from 1 to 6 May 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva.

One of the main sessions was led by Kristian Borg, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Chair in Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden, the leading ESPRM's SISC on Poliomyelitis

Professor Borg is also the co-editor-in-chief of the JRM and the president of the Baltic and North Sea Forum on Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (BNF-PRM)

Professor Kristian Borg got PhD degree in post-polio research in 1988, and has had several PhD students working on different aspects of poliomyelitis and post-polio. He is an expert in the field of Poliomyelitis and Post-polio Syndrome.

Poliomyelitis (SISC). Post-polio syndrome – what´s new?


Kristian BORG


Speakers: Laura BERTOLASI, Lise KAY, Arzu ON, Frans NOLLET, Alain YELNIK

  1. Frans NOLLET: Poliomyelitis and post-polio – state of the art.
  2. Merete BERTELSEN: Physical exercise in post-polio – evidence based or not?
  3. Arzu ON: Pharmacological management in post-polio.
  4. Laura BERTOLASI: Pain in post-polio – origin and therapy.
  5. Kristian BORG:  The “new” polio patient or what shall a polio department focus on?

Professor Kristian Borg chaired the BNF-PRM session together with Boya Nugraha (secretary of WHO–ISPRM Liaison Committee)

BNF-PRM Session: Situation Analysis and implementation strategies for rehabilitation services at national levels


Kristian BORG



1. Boya NUGRAHA: Rehabilitation Service Assessment tools and Rehabilitation Service Implementation Strategies.

2. Volodymyr GOLYK: Country case - Ukraine.
Vice-President for International Cooperation
Ukrainian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

3. Christoph GUTENBRUNNER: Country case-Egypt
Chair of WHO – ISPRM Liaison Committee

4. Boya NUGRAHA: Country case-DPRK

Professor Kristian Borg as BNF President invites you to the Conference “Rehabilitation towards future health and participation. An evidence based health strategy” which will be held in Oslo, October 9-10, 2019.

Professor Kristian Borg cooperates with the Swedish Society of Rehabilitation Medicine particularly on European and international matters. He is involved in organizing meetings regarding Rehabilitation Medicine. Professor Kristian Borg organized the international meeting for EARM in Uppsala, Sweden, in May 2017. In January 2018 he gave a lecture on Rehabilitation Medicine and European and International matters at the National Congress for Rehabilitation Medicine in Jönköping, May 2018. He is in charge of the UEMS and ESPRM meetings in Stockholm, Sweden, in September 2018.

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